мексика туризм и отдых

Tourism And Recreation

Tourism and recreation in Israel
All of this and a lot of friends can be found, you can order a tour of these places if you come to our site--
Our proposals are designed not only, not so much, on those who wait for leave only to spend a week or another on the beach, not to waste any effort. Although this opportunity is certainly available in Israel, tourists come here primarily to meet historical, religious and religious backgrounds. natural resourcesof global significance. It is only here and in Jordan that there is such a miracle as the unique Mert Sea (actually lake); there are only world-renowned cities, such as Jerusalem, the centre of three world religions, Judaism, Islam, Christianity, only here and in the neighbouring territory; Bethlehem is the birthplace of Jesus; Jericho. Haifa is buried here by the founder of the new world religion of Bahaulla, and the Baha ' i gardens are ravaging their greatness. Here, on this land, Ilya Prophet fought with fire worshippers. Here, Jesus turned water into wine, walked on water, and aki dry, etc. Here in Ein Kereme, Joanne Cresttel was born. This is where Magomet went to heaven. Golf is here. The king of David's. Dig King Solomon. You can count it indefinitely. But there's a place to lie down here. Recently, all Ashdod and Netania beaches were marked by an international quality certificate for the Blue Flag. There are many other beautiful beaches on the coast of the Mediterranean. We've got Eilat, where there's almost no rain. It's another sea, Red. From Israel, we can go to Jordan, singing, among other things, a world-famous miracle like Petra.

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