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Extreme Tours

Военный городок и база ракетного комплекса РС20 «Воевода» (SS 18) Satana.The Extra-Road Tourism Club (Extreme 53) offers extremal tours at poorly accessible locations in the New City and Leningrad regions. At the club's armoured highways, bolognas and even a vessel on the airbag.

The club offers both standard tours and customer travel. Some of the standard tours are described below.

Legends of the Lost Country

One-day tour on a 290-km off-road. In the tour programme, a survey tours of abandoned military town and a visit to the command centre, launch mines.

Review of the legendary military town and the RS20 Vojvoda missile base (SS 18) Satana. The base is on the shores of two beautiful lakes. The building of boxes for missile tractors, command centre, partially launch mines, lots of pancakes and bunkers was stored throughout the vast (5 square kilometres/km) territory. S.t.a.l.k.e.r.

Клуб Внедорожного Туризма «Экстрим 53»You will learn a lot of interesting facts from the military past that no longer exists, see what has been hidden from the eyes of the world for decades.

Bordeaux Caves

One-day tour of extra-traps, 220 km. In the tour programme, the zoo survey tours in Batetsk district and the cave visit.

Artisanal sub-grounds were created by the sand mining near the village of Borzhovo for the Tarkovic stack factory (now abandoned and semi-destructive) in the pre-revolutionary and early Soviet period. It's a very vivid sandy kamenulomania. Bottoms and beautiful gradients from sand. A cave visit led by a professional instructor.

Blue Cross of Civilizations

Three-day tour in the Paris and Old-Russian regions. Our roadblocks, like the time machines, will take you three historic milestones on the Blue Cross of Civilizations. Unforgettable rest, real extrem and new knowledge of Rodine.

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