2016: новости для туристов

News For Tourists

Henley Partners launched the traditional Visa Limit Index for 2016.

  • 30 August 13:34
  • 18

The historic Days of Diocletian will be held in Split from 2 to 4 September.

The new mining resort will be built in Chechnya.

The entrance to the Rafael exhibition at the Pushkin Museum in Moscow will take place at 45 minutes.

Three cruise ship passengers were detained by customs officers at Sidneya port, trying to transport 95 kg of cocaine.

The Eiffel Tower closed to visit today, after yesterday's final match Euro-2016.

What happens if the lights are removed? Completely. Can you learn familiar objects, smells and tastes, move in space? A walk in the dark is an opportunity to find out. This is a unique project for Moscow on the basis of the " invisible museums " abroad, which will be a fascinating adventure and new emotional experience for adults and children.

An old holiday, a chess tournament with living figures, will pass in the Italian city of Marstika in Vichenza province.

Ministry of Tourism Syria has launched a publicity campaign for tourists in its Mediterranean resorts.

Friends have finally started a joint project between the Israeli Ministry of Tourism and Tourister, which makes you more aware of this country and of history as a whole.

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