Активные и экологические туры

Rossi Active Tours

The tourism programmes of this segment are kept to a minimum, even with a small amount of money, you are guaranteed a real adventure, a sea of impressed impressions and excellent services. In the prevailing majority of the price of Russian active tours, the average budget is calculated, with many options for water, mountain, foot, alpine and other travellers being offered for the choice of travellers.
Every fan of active time, thanks to our turf, will be able to obtain or enrich past experience. We suggest that we take a shower in real camping conditions. Tour prices Russia Aquarell will be able to order a great tour. Even the most tempted traveler will be able to catch a soul-to-people poem and then conquer and obliterate. We propose to travel on a journey to replenish the blood of adrenaline in Baikal, Caucasus, Altai, Carelia and many other regions of the country. You are expected to have unforgettable emotions in end-of-life, dywings, seams on the rapid currents of mountain rivers, conquering difficult mountain peaks, and this is not the entire list of occupations that are available to us. Active tours in Russia♪ We have a close partnership with the most popular recreational bases in all CIS countries. They all have their individual natural and cultural and ethnic characteristics. No special training is needed for active time, so we suggest that we not lose the opportunity to spend a great rest in the context of the virgin nature of the whole family.

Active Russian tours from the Aqwarel Tour Company are unlimited privileges for the extraordinary and exciting tourism world! Ever since we were young, we have been thirsty travels and new discoveries, someone has managed to translate their dreams into reality, and someone continues to dream of adventures now. Our managers have developed a large number of active tour guides across the country, including active CIS tours.

We have been specializing for 18 years in the organization of " aerial tours " for any category of travellers. We're always honored to release you from the stubborn walls of offices, houses, the same line of days called work. Friends, it's time to put your surrounding monotony, stress, crowds, cynical habits on top of the plan and order you. active tours in Russia and the CIS. 2015-2016 prices♪ ♪ ♪

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