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Rossi Tourist Business

Every year, hundreds of tourist companies open in Russia. In our town alone, each of us is constantly faced with advertisements from unfamiliar tourist agencies. By the way, a lot of firms are shutting down. The market is too saturated with such offers. Still, it is not possible to say that starting a tourist business is a very hopeless business. Even today, there remain firms that, after many " old people " , took a strong market niche.

There is a widespread misconception that it is easier to open a travel agency: it is enough to take off a small office and put a secretary to take calls and money from numerous tourists.

In fact, tourists don't rush out of money, especially if they don't know the company. The scary stories of the nine about how the fraudsters collected money from the trusted tourists and then disappeared, still alive in the memory of the Russians, and they'd rather repay the money of the audited firm than go to the new company. Actually, it's a little rough tonight. Most travel agents work with the same tour operators (tours developers), which means they offer the same tour at the standard price. By the way, the entire amount of the travel agency ' s earnings is composed exclusively of commissions that pay to the travellers, and in most cases the amount is not more than 10 per cent. So it's not hard to calculate the average tourist company's earnings.

But let's start on order. Tourism is considered a business that is easy to enter. Enough start-up capital of $10,000. However, it's a bottom plant, the top can reach hundreds of thousands of United States dollars. West turfs, entering the Moscow market, invest millions of dollars in investment.

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