Туристический рынок России

Rossi Tourist Market

Фото: Валерий Ливак/РГAs noted by the Vice-President of the Association of Russian Tour Operators (ATOR) on Transport, Dmitri Goreen, the industry has experienced many difficulties in 2015, but has managed to maintain a small growth. "Russian tourism does not remain without the support and attention of the State. Indeed, the losses of companies were only about 1,7 billion roubles from the cessation of tourism relations with Egypt. The industry is affected by the volatility of exchange rates, the persistence of economic sanctions and plans to abolish the agency commissions by the largest Russian airlines. In this context, Russia ' s internal tourism will continue to grow to 20 per cent next year, while the volume of outbound tourism will either continue to decrease by 30 per cent, if the ban on the sale of tours to Turkey and Egypt is maintained or the 2015 rates will be maintained if these areas are opened, Dmitri Goreen considers.

According to ALU, the number of tourists in the mobile tourism market decreased from 2,050 to 650 from 2014 to 2015, i.e. by 69 per cent. Thus, there has been a natural downturn in the market. The experts believe that the bankruptcy of the tour operators is no longer in danger next year, because the strongest players who have been able to redirect themselves to domestic tourism. Indeed, the lifting of the agency commissions by the largest Russian air carriers as of 1 January 2016 seeking to reduce the cost of distribution would lead to serious changes in the OTA market. "Online Travel Agencies will have to search and integrate new services and products for which the traveller will be willing to pay and which he will not be able to provide airlines. This may be dynamic packages, additional online services and further improvements in the quality of post-sale services, noted by Alexander Sisintz.


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