Автобусные туры по Европе и

Rossy Bus Tour

Bus tours in Russia: routes, cities and sights. What you need to know about bus tours in Russia. Tour operators.

The indisclosures of our homeland are not myth or fairy tales. As we travel to distant countries, the people of the latter come to us for the fabulous landscapes, ancient cities, low-cost service and national colony. This, even if not to take into account the architectural features of the two capitals, former and present, Moscow and St. Petersburg, is sufficient to decide to go to one of the bus tours in Russia.

The main direction for all travelers is the famous Golden ring. This is the longest route through old cities, the list of which is constantly expanding, but eight major stops remain unchanged. Tour takes about a week. There are also shorter, two-day visits to both the towns of Gold Coltzo and other settlements. The silver ring is another tourist destination. The journey goes through the New City Lands. When chosen between the visit of Moscow and Petersburg, the cultural capital of the Gulf of Finland has traditionally been very demanding. The time of stay varies from five to ten days.

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