Rossy Tour

The Zdravcourt Tourper offers your attention to a large number of guided tours in Russia. Excursions to St. Petersburg from Moscow prices 2016, Golden Tour ring, guided tours and bus to the Great Novgorod, Lower Novgorod, Moscow, Pskov, Karelia, Soloy Islands, Valaam Island, Krom, Kazan, Kaliningrad, Arkhangelsk, Velchatüg, Volgo Turks and guided tours in ancient cities of Russia They are affected by their remarkable virtues and the diversity of nature.
Our proposals, the Turks and Excursions on Russia, are diverse and well organized, will provide practically every tourist travelling on tournaments and bus tours from Moscow or from any other city on a guided tour of Russia to the family, friends, or all working groups. Your services. one-day tours Moscow, Podmoskov, Golden Ring, Multi-Day Tours, and weekend tours across the cities and regions of Russia. One-day tours and guided tours of the day off (multi-day tours) are very popular, as this is a good opportunity to break out on one day or two days of working rhythm and to have a great time, and tours of the weekend or 1 day are very low and almost every tourist will be built. For example, the prices of guided tours in Moscow start from 600 roubles, and weekend tours 2016 prices range from 2,900 roubles in two days.

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