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Tour Orphe

One of the best operators in the Russian tourist market is the Orpheus tourism firm. It was founded in 1993 and, for 16 years, has not ceased to possess all possible awards, diplomas and awards.

Proposals RUFAY tour operator (Orfey)

The proposed tour companies will be of interest to those tourists who want to learn more about Russia, the CIS countries and the Baltics. All tourists, without exception, remain satisfied with the fascinating travel and the quality of service to Orfey, preferring to travel with it.

One of the popular tour operators ' routes is the Russian Golden Ring, which since the beginning of 2009 is not a traditional (bus) tour, but a train that has been made retro-reflective, making tourism more comfortable. Show you the ancient history of cities; You'll see the majesty cats, Orthodox monasteries, serving both the fortresses, the great palace ensembles with the fabulous, wonderful parks... Anyway, you're going to all the 20 cities of the Golden Ring, from Yaroslava to Gavrilov Yama, and the agency will make sure you enjoy the journey.

In addition, you can always purchase Orpheus burnt tracks on Ural, Siberia, Solovec Islands, Kareliyah, Baikal, Valaam and many other areas and cities in Russia. For those who like it to be premeditated, it's possible to book hotels in advance.

As exciting as you are, another line of Orpheus, Pribaltic. Unforgotten tours in Latvia will introduce you to old legendary knights and castles. You arrive in the famous Gutmana Sand Cave, you will be struck by the great palaces of Zemgall and Rundale, and you will be dull in the cold palace parks. And the capital of this country, Riga will surprise you with his museums telling you about the history of the city and sea. Well, tonight you're waiting for the famous LIDO with your great program and a great dinner.

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