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Photo: / Igor Ivanko

Ongoing tourist routes may be launched in the Russian capital. The head of the National Policy and Tourism Department, Vladimir Chernikov, presented this. According to him, pilot run tours in the Moscow Urban Forum on 1 and 2 July would take place in July. As a result of the first runs, the Department can develop permanent travel routes for runners. By "run" means movement at 7 to 8 kilometres per hour.

"We have tour guides on bicycles, tourists are much easier to move along the routes. We'll offer the tourist community an excursion. Maybe someone's gonna catch up, explain to the Church. - Such guided tours are primarily aimed at rehabilitating, but they need to be made as well as fascinating, which is not entirely simple."

The first run tours in Moscow will take place on 1 and 2 July in the Moscow Urban Forum. The first tour run will take place in a workstation called Susava on 1 July at 20 hours. Location of the meeting is the Vološin Library (Novievich Passage, 10). The second tour, Shabolovka, is scheduled for Saturday morning 2 July: at 11 a.m., the runners will meet at the Avangard Centre (Serpukhov Val, 24) and finish on the Danilian market. No special sports training is required: by the race, the organizers imply movement at a speed of 7 to 8 kilometres per hour, a little faster than pedestrians, but slower than amateur athletes.

The idea of excursions on the run was born in Croatia. Now, in many world capitals and major cities, including Paris, Rome and London, tourists are offered the opportunity to look at the sights of literally a race. Typically, tourists are accompanied by qualified trainers who speak different languages and know all the historic places of the city. Thanks to this run, tourists are not only able to look at more celebrating places, but also to acquire a hard figure during the trip.

A number of mass marathons are held annually in the capital for runners, with the participation of all applicants. On 19 June, Moscow runners will be able to take part in the Krasny Range, on 16 July to try themselves in the Night Runway and, of course, to overcome the distance of 10 or 42, 2 kilometres on the Moscow Marathon, to be held on 25 September. On 15 May, the half-marton gathered 8,000 athletes who fled 21, 1 kilometre on the Moscow coast. Thus, the semi-marithon became the most amateur race in the history of the Russian amateur race.

A member of the board of the Russian Union of the Tour of the Georgia Mokhov industry believes that the excursions will be of interest to the Moscow themselves. "I think the excursions on the run are more entertaining for Moscow than for coming. But the interests of the tourists are different, perhaps someone will want to take a tour in the capital in this way. In the end, running through the Red Square or the Vasiliev launch, no one will ban," the expert explained.

He said that the routes should pass through urban parks and natural areas. "Maybe such tours will be more appropriate in recreational zones than in cultural and historical areas. On the Red Place, we need to stay longer, enjoy the species, the same thing you can say about the Polanca, the Cover or the Maroseket, he stressed.

Mokhov added that run-through tourist routes could be done in the same way as cycling, when tourists move from one sight to another. At the same time, sport and tourism must be combined. "If the tour guide has something to say on the run, it requires athletic and breathing training, which could compromise the quality of the tour itself," it's an interviewer.

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