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The Delfin tourist operator offers all interested entertainment tours in St. Petersburg with a variety of guided tour programmes. Tours in St. Petersburg from Moscow are very popular not only among the inhabitants of the megapolis, but also their guests. Delfina has developed a series of original tour products, each of which is unique. Depending on preferences, travellers can themselves choose the best option of travel:

  • tours at the SPB on bus or y/
  • North Palmira hotels have different stars, depending on their budget,
  • individual selection of remarkable places to visit,
  • Choose the date and period of travel at their discretion.

St. Petersburg bus tours

According to Delfin ' s practice, bus tours in St. Petersburg are the most attractive tourists of different ages. Today, the tour operator is ready to offer a range of toured bus to Peter different topics, such as the seven-day trips of the Petburj Mosaic or the New Year Collection. Each such visit is accompanied by professional experienced hydes. The tourists are housed in comfort hotels, Renessances St. Petersburg Baltic Hotel, Polucauvo, Petro Palas Hotel and other tourist facilities.

In addition to the bus tours of Moscow St. Petersburg, it is possible to cover many sites and cultural centres in one trip. Given that tourists choose their own tour route, they have the ideal opportunity to combine the heritage of the cultural capital of Russia with their own entertainment programme.

Day off

A trip to Peter for the weekend, which could be more romantic? This tourist destination is also very demanding among the Moscow. A fascinating weekend will be facilitated by qualified Delphine staff who regularly create new tour options for Peter on weekends.

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