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Carel Leave

Contrary to numerous media reports, the Carelia, Crimea and Kamchatka law has not been enacted to date.

In the first days of the new year, various media sources have disseminated information that, as of 1 January, employers will be able to compensate their employees for the cost of rest within Russia, namely in Karelia, in Crimea and in the Kampatka.

It was reported that, with compensation not exceeding 50,000 roubles per member of the staff member ' s family, employers could reduce the tax base on the income tax. At the same time, the staff member ' s leave costs should be confirmed by a contract with the turf. These measures are intended to stimulate domestic tourism and revive social tourism.

However, none of the public sources referred to a specific instrument. The Republic has decided to understand how reliable the reports are.

The head of the Carelia Touring Centre, Alexei Tigskin, reported that the organization was also interested in the origin of such information, but that no formal confirmation had been received. The Advisor, Head of Rosturism, Svetlan Sergeyev, certified that such a law had indeed been adopted and could be found on the official website of the State. The corresponding bill, number 871036-6, was submitted to the Russian State on 27 August 2015. The document is intended to modify articles 255 and 270 of part two of the Tax Code. In October last year, the draft law was supported by the federal government, and a website of the Russian Parliament.

However, the Parliamentarians have not begun to consider the document. On 19 October 2015, in accordance with the Protocol, the Lower Chamber ' s meeting No. 260, the bill was rescheduled indefinitely.

Members of the State have not yet returned to work on the document.

♪ We'll be able to take it by the beginning of the vacation season until it's clear. Only a second reading may be supplemented and amended. This, if the concept of the document is to change, refers to the words of one of the co-sponsors of the draft law, Mr. Raisa Karmasin, a member of the DG Raiza Carmasina, the Internet version of the Interviewer.

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