Туры в Карелию из Нижнего


In this section, we will offer you a guided tour and Carelia tours

They're waiting for you. Petrozavodsk - The capital of the Republic of Kareliyah, the tour of the Kyi Museum Confessor Museum, the first Russian resort, the Marcial Waters, and the famous Kivac waterfall, the tours of the Valaam and Solovki, the past trip to the Petoglifam of the Lake of Onez, and many others. ♪

For active recreational users, molasses on the Shui River, bicycle tours on the Kareliyah conservation sites, jeep-tours and winter tours on snow, boat walks on painting carel lakes.

Also: picnics on the islands and, of course, the tasting of the famous Ballasms and desserts of the Petrovsky Likero-water Plant - pure pleasure from carel berries, medicinal grass, measles and unique martial water.

All tours to Carelia 2016 ы ZIMA ы VESNA ы LETO ы ONE

Cruises on Karelia: Valaam, Kigi, Solovki ки Toura on Solows 2016

- Big choice of river cruises and tour guides on Carelia. Day-to-day tours in Karelia, multi-day tours: Petrozavodsk, Kivac waterfall, Kigi, Martial waters, Kondopoga and carilon reverts, tours to the Olons and to the Large Koltz, tours to Valaam, the White Sea and the Solovki. ♪ ♪

Carelian active tours

- Big choice of active tours in Carelia. Winter Active Recreation: ski tours, safaris on the Karelia snows, end tours, rides on dogs - haskahs and other types of winter active tour. Summer active rest: alloys on biker and carel rivers, rock climbing etc.

Harness of the boat in Kareliyah

♪ Lake Onez: O. Kigi, Kyzy Shyra, Petrozavodsk, Shardon archipelago, Pegrema, Unica lip, Besov nose, etc.

- Sport and tourism expeditions in beautiful places and Historyto get primary sailing skills!

Below you can go to the sections on individual tours in the Karelia, where you will see the other carel tours, and meet some of our other active recreational opportunities, such as fishermen, hunting, yachting, mountain skis, etc. + river cruises to the Valaam, Kigi and Solovki.

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