Carlius Excursion

Tours to Carelia from St. Petersburg. 2016 prices on the tour to Karelia from the SPB.

All the conditions for great rest are created in these areas. Being surrounded by incredibly beautiful landscapes and inhaled to the full chest with clean air, you know that Carelia wasn't meant to be created by nature.
The fishermen will be able to find a fishermen on the cozy shore of one of the 65,000 large or very small lakes. Karelia 2016 Turks from SPB It will be possible to feel the warm hospitality of this province without any visas or foreign passports. The journey that even the most tempted tourists dream of will not require serious financial costs and tires.
Our clients can choose tours to legendary museum islands: Valaam, Kigi, Solowki. The province has an unimaginable number of historical and cultural monuments of the Vikings and Warags, ancient nourishers and Krastonians, Pomores and Oldwaterers, Petra First and Swedish conquers. Carley 2016, It usually takes a few days to cover even the smallest part of the sights in almost one day. Tourists are waiting for a warm welcome in fascinated, green-proof, hotels, hotels, cattle, recreational homes. The influence of Finnish culture is felt throughout the country, especially with regard to the delicious local kitchen and unique customs.
Carelian Turks Health promotion is promoted, as a large number of sanatoriums and hospitals are located in the province. The Karel land is scattered by mineral sources, from which the key is to target water for its properties. Even for a few days, it's enough to completely eliminate difficult-treated diseases. Traveling to one of the most beautiful corners of Russia will certainly be helpful to the smallest travelers. The air is seduced by aromats of chavoi, which inhales the child greatly enhances immunity.

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