Carrier Excursions

We're offering a variety of one-day guided tours to Carelia from your choice, the most interesting route to Carelia. We propose review, pedestrian, automobile, thematic tours in the interesting cities of Carelia, natural reserves and resorts of the north-western Russian Federation. Russian and foreign tourists have long “suggested the way” to Karelia, because our province will be able to surprise everyone, natural beauty and small cities, a lovely, silent province, and amazing collections of paintings and ancient northern icons, magnificent theatres (and five of them), as well as exquisite pits, useful copore and a variety of soy restaurants. A one-day qualification on the Karelia will introduce you to the main historical values of the province and the richest gatherings of museum collections! There will be no disappointment in natural landscape fans. There's a lot of experiments on Carelia! The main reason is simple: the tourist season in the republic is not limited to three years, and the entire year has been going to Carelia. Here, they'll find a shower and active tourism fans, and those who love calm. travel of all family. The most famous tours in Carelia are trips to the islands, Kivac and the first Russian, as well as the guided tour of the Russian marble canyon

On active recreation, we propose: rolling on, , empty rivers, walking, skiing, cycling, hunting and fishing.

Come to Carelia to see the magnificent unbeatable Kivac, the furious eating and the sunglasses of the protected mystery! To visit the lakes of Xiamosero and Yanisarvi. Going through a beautiful snowstorm of different kinds of complexity, and even try to be a kayura for fascinating dog rides! Those who want to visit Kijah in the winter are offered a visit to the airbag on the famous island. There's a one-day tour with a wooden bar. Academic Church Condopoga town! For you, the most interesting craftsmanship in the preparation of famous cartels, dolls and northern cookies with the funny name of "cosul."

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