Видео из поездки в Карелию №1

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We're offering the most saturated stay programmes in Carelia and on the Solows!

Compare yourself!

"Austro-finished slashes over the blue eyes of the lakes." ♪ ♪

As you say, you won't throw words out of the song. of the Republic of Kareliyah That's not why.

Walk into the world of clean air, calm, appeasement and security, make yourself a journey to the Republic of Carelia.

In our tours, a visit to the valaams and a mountain park, the Ruskeala, it's only a complete route.

What's the cost of your tour?

Carelia Tour Cost It consists of a list of services provided and a number of guided tours in the programme! The more tours, the more expensive tour. From here on, two, at first glance, the same tour products at very different prices. But it's only for an unspeakable traveler! The tourism may consist only of basic services included in the cost of food, accommodation and transfers. And the rest of the services are for an extra fee.

What for a tourist is a trip to Carelia? - That's right! It's a lot of legendary displays, and therefore many different tours. It's not easy and tiring to choose, to calculate the cost and to organize your own journey.

Friends, we care about you, so... tour in the Caribbean 2016 We're almost out of service for extra fees! Our tours are so designed that you will not only receive a complete, complete program, but you will know in advance what amount you will spend on your journey.

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