Cartel Rafting

♪ Splave is designed for ordinary urban residents. No special physical training for alloys is required.

What to take with you:

♪ You'll have to take a set of dry clothes with you.

for alloy - easy clothing of a sports type by weather (shorts, sports trousers, t-shirts, winds, etc.), head cleaners, comfortable shoes, light summer shoe like "sleps," preferably with a fixed butt.

"for the shore." - After alloy, tourists change into a dry set of clothes (weather clothes, as in the The weather. It's very variable, and we're suggesting we take warm clothes.

♪ We also recommend that repelents be brought with them (spray / mosquito, mosquito, etc.)

♪ If it's a night's alloy, it's easier for the shore to take the long sleeve and the trousers to close their legs.

Since the group comes right at the beginning of the alloy, it's better to prepare and be in the clothes you're going to cry.

Your personal belongings (including a set of dry garments for the shore) will be on the bus. The bus will bring you to the start of the alley and go to the camp where you'll be waiting.

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