Полет на параплане в округе

Extreme Travel

Friends! For the first time in Russia! Ultra HD telecast pack.

Three exclusive and bright telecanals in the top of the brush. Stressed and deep paints, even clearer pictures than Full HD, and exemplary details on your TV.

TRICOLOR ULTRA HD - 24-hour film channel 4C, TB Tricolore, designed for a mixed audience of 16+. Privailing artistic films, both Russian and foreign, are broadcast.

INSIGHT UHD - the telecanal will put you in a fascinating world full of entertainment, original programmes and documentaries. Key areas: Innovative documentist, reality show, extreme travel and sport.

FASHION ONE (in top-down format) is the first and only Ultra HD channel on fashion, entertainment and lifestyle.

The 4C-telephones are accessible to the TB Tricolore subscribers, who paid a subscription to the Ultra HD service, as well as the Ultra HD marketing code, with the support of the Conditional Access Module CI+ version 1.3 and directly CI+ module.

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