Туры в Карелию

Price Trails

"Austro-finished ears above the blue eyes of the lakes..." In the words of the old song, the whole Carelia, clean, light and very beautiful. This is a non-broadcasting but highly attractive nature, welcoming and welcoming people, and the diversity of the tourist routes and roads can envy any European country. Tour fans for the nature of recreation in Carelia will be an unforgettable adventure where there's a place and songs at the stake, and a fisherman in the cleanest lakes, and a stew on the national parks of the Republic.

The thousands of lakes

The north-eastern part of Russia is the rotation of hills, plains and highs. One day, the glacier, stepping out of Carelia, turned the terrain into a combination of boilers and gestures. That's how more than 600,000 beautiful lakes come to light, for the sake of a meeting with which to take a vacation in Carelia. In combination with several hundred rivers and rivers, lakes form a unique water system that no longer exists in the world. The biggest lake of Carelia is Onez. On his mirror, an online sailing regat is performed every year in the middle of the summer. Cruise yacht competitions have been involved, and their race has long become a national championship.

In the homeland of Kalewala.

For the holiday fans in Carelia, it's an opportunity to see ancient Petroglyfs of at least 5,000 years and to love the creation of Russian zhods in Kijah. It was on the Karel land that settlements with the Navy Architecture and the unique national characteristics of the people of the North, which created the Carelo-Fin epic of the Kaleva. The best tourist routes offered to travellers on vacation in Carelia are routed through the Zaonian peninsula and the adjacent swamps of large and small islands. The fascinating trails are laid in the national parks and consulates of the Republic.

BDP for economics

The recently launched VRROC Carta Hotel project allows everyone who travels to Carelia to make substantial savings in moving, dining in cafes and restaurants and entrance tickets to museums and the Republic ' s sights. By buying a map, it is possible to automatically become the owner of the accident insurance policy and to reduce the cost of cellular telephone. The map is proposed for sale at the specialized tourist centres of Petrozavodska or on the website.

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