Деревня Верхние Мандроги


Rest of the city's loom and restore the mental harmony you'll be able to take a tour of 2-3 days to Carelia from the SPB, which is both perfectly appropriate for vacation and weekends. Here, you will be able to penetrate the national identity of the Karel province, take real carl dishes and even visit Grandpa Moroz.

Carelia is the most attractive at any time of the year. The first Russian resort was established in the Peter I era. Nowadays, this end has not lost its charm, but rather, vice versa. Go from St. Petersburg to the Carelia tours for two days, three days, and you'll make sure in person.

Carelian Turks relevant for adventurers

The central character of our tours is a virginally clean cartel nature. Whole cartel air has beneficial effects on the pulmonary condition. And the vertebral silence of carel core forests is the best means to restore mental harmony. And that's not all we've been doing for two to three days on Carelia. I mean, I'm gonna put my hand in Finland.

The proximity of Finnish territory has had a tangible impact on the service level. Today ' s Karel and Finnish holidays are therefore assessed equally well. However, this does not deprive the tours to Karelia from the SPB of their unique identities. Only here will you:

  • To bite aromatic tea in this plague;
  • Take a ride on the dog rack;
  • Create a carel cord with your hands;
  • To sleep on the rafts on the Shuye River;
  • To visit the Kivac waterfall;
  • Take a walk on the coast of Petrozavodska.
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