туризм между россией и китаем

Tourism Between Roses

Mintrans imposed a temporary ban on regular flights from Russia to Turkey against the background of a coup d ' état in that country. The prohibition applies not only to flights of Russian airlines but also to Turkish air carriers.

On the night of 16 July, a coup d ' état was attempted in Turkey. Some 150 people were killed in clashes between rebels and pro-Government forces.

“As mandated by the President of the Russian Federation, regular air relations with Turkey have been suspended. At the time of the meeting of the operational headquarters, instructions were given to the TAS by the representative of Mintrans.

The decision on how tourists would be exported would be made at a later date, explained to Gazette.Ru in Mintrans.

" The restrictions on flights will remain in force until the political situation is clear, they will specify in Rosaviation and add:

♪ However, the airlines of both States will continue to export Russian citizens from Turkey.”

The Aeroflot airline will take its passengers, leaving empty flights from Russia on 17 July and the morning of 18 July. The question of the removal of Russian tourists was still being addressed in the Russian Federation.

The relationship between the two countries has ceased at present. Russian airlines that were on flights to Turkey announced the cancellation of flights on Saturday night. The flights to Istanbul and Antalya, scheduled for 16 July and 17 July, were cancelled, as reported by Ghazet.Ru in Aeroflot. There were also no flights of Rossia flights along the Moscow-Antalia route.

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It was already reported on Saturday that the Turkish national carrier Turkish Airlines cancelled all flights on 16 July, affecting more than 900 inland Turkish and international flights, including from Istanbul and Antalia to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov na Donu, Astrachan and other cities.

Thus, Russian tourists in Turkey are forced to remain there until the political situation has been clarified.

The number of Russian tourists in Turkey is currently estimated at 5,000.

This figure includes both self-sustained tourists and those who purchased the tour operators.

The number of Russians in Turkey in organized tour operators is estimated at 1, 2 to 1, 3,000, and reported to Ghazet.Ru by Alexander Osaulenko, Director of Assistance. Most of them are resting in the Antalya resort area.

According to the Russian Federation Tourist Union, an additional 600 tourists were to travel from Russia to Turkey on 16 July, but their flights were cancelled.

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