Туры на алтай из москвы цены

Tours To Alta From Moscow

Altay Turks Extremely diverse by region, type of recreation and time of year.

Active rest is the end tour of Altaya, traveling to the Savalin and Karakoll lakes, the Tungur Valley and the Ucock Plateau. The ends are so fascinating and interesting that even the old tourists turn tears in front of their eyes when they break up, with guides and animals.

Alloys in Alta are serious. Rivers are deceptive and unpredictable. That's where the character works!

Tours in Mount Altai, the rise on Mount Beluhu opens pictures of such beauty in front of tourists, which captures the spirit, and fails to click the camera shutter.

Clean air, transparent lakes and richest forests - nature itself took care to create conditions for recreation in Altaea for any taste, ranging from the most difficult tracks to comfort treatment and treatment on Lake Aya, Telecom.

All you have to do is choose a suitable tour on Altai. Prices in the region are quite democratic.

Main types of tour in Alta: final, conno-water, alloys, berths, rises, combined, cycling, tournament, hunting and fishing, as well as accommodation

Geography: located in southern Western Siberia

Climat: sharply continental. Short hot summer and long freeze winter.

Relef, rivers, lakes: High ridges are divided by deep river valleys. The highest mountain of Bella (4,506 metres) is the highest point of Siberia. The largest rivers of Katun and Biya, the largest lake of Teleccoe.

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