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Baikal Turbations In Winter

In southern Siberia, on the very border with Mongolia, there is the Republic of Buryatia, where the flow of tourists has steadily increased, and it has doubled over the past five years. The guests in these mountainous regions are attracted by the paved beauty, the identity of the people living here, who have a rare Buddhism and a rich multi-century history, as well as the excellent conditions that provide them with the Buryatya recreation base. The storm is also admirable to many and the fact that most of the Baikal waters belong to it. But not Baikal is the only richest of this republic. There are vast mountain areas in its territory, including well-known Sayanas, intergorous boilers, and rivers such as Kita, Irkut, Vitim, Upper Angara, Barguzin, Selenga.

The climate in Buryatia is very continental: summer is hot and winters are cold. In January, the average temperature is about -24 °C and in July +17 °C.

Buryatia is the province where the mountains are worn with stages where the sun is out of sight and incredible miracles. This republic has embraced more than three hundred different natural sites. Buryatia ' s Turks are ready to offer fascinating approaches and programmes that will be of interest to all environmental tourism fans and those who prefer active recreation. In front of their guests, Burya will swell the magnificent mountain ridges of many kilometers, such as the Great Sayan, the Tunkin Golts, Hamar Daban. Nature in these mountain areas has preserved its perilous beauty until our days.

The mountain mystery, which is dominated by toples, bereza, oxina, pychta, pine and cedre, covers most of Burundian territory. Spring is marked by bright and literal colors of the bahulnik, spreading all the woods. In the summer, all the country ' s guests come to admire the abundance of flowers, which the divergent carpets the mountain plateau. The summer and autumn, when forests are filled with mushrooms and berries, give tourists many natural gifts of these places. Buryatia ' s tourbs create all the conditions for those who wish to collect the brass, blacks, bluebirds, sorcerers, mallins, blinds, worms and, of course, a wide variety of mushrooms.

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