Байкал зимой, Большое

Baikal Winter Rest

The Baikalic Tourper is offering your attention to Baikal's winter rest. The winter lake looks especially inexorable and fair. We invite individual tourists, families and tourist groups. Also at your service, the corporate rest programme and the New Year meeting in Baikal.

What can you do in the winter at Baikal?

Those who are going to visit Lake Baikal in winter have access to such leisure activities:

  • Travel on dogs;
  • underground fishermen (sig, sharia, spectacle, omol, occulus);
  • Trailed diving with drilling;
  • Snow rolling on the stig or on the ice of the lake;
  • Accelerating the ice wall with alpings;
  • The ice cream on the Angara River;
  • Visit to museums, sights, commemorative places.

I also remember the big cats that can be scattered into the woods or right on the ice of the lake. Baikal's ice pitch is a real gastronomic adventure. You'll be able to make a fish that's caught during the ice-cold fishermen, wear the ear. And certainly try a hot tumor, untransmitted tastes.

Baikal is winter

Those who have rested in Baikal in the summer want to be in this amazing place and winter. At this time of year, the nature of Baikal is so transformed that you seem to be entering a completely different world. The winter tours on Baikal make it possible to feel this incredible power and the beauty of the sea ' s swollen ice, to get new senses from extreme winter rest: ice rolls on jeeps, quadrocycles, dogs and skis.

The winter rest on Baikal is a very unusual journey. The Turks are generally held in February and March. Winter in this place is amazing. The ice is so beautiful, it just takes a breath. Toros to human growth, ideally flat mirrors, no surfaces, and tidy ice crows are the best thing that could make nature this time of year.

During the winter tour, there are very new opportunities. There are many places that are not accessible to tourists in the summer. The trip to Baikal this time of year allows us to look at the winter on the other side. The only gap in winter rest is a short light day. Starts lighting at 9:00 A.M., and after 5:00, the sun is already sitting.

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