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Baikal and his environs are a lot of legends. Of course, many of them are just beautiful stories that explain phenomena. But there's a place on the beach of a great lake that's been terrifying at the same time for centuries and manipulating itself with its secrets.

The amazing creation of nature is the legendary Lake Baikal. The uniqueness of this freshwater sea can be said indefinitely, it has thousands of books written, and it has dozens of television programmes. But not only the geological, landscape and botanical features separate Baikal from a number of other beautiful lakes of the planet. The abundance and diversity of the Earth ' s values gathered at this point are also striking. When you come here with an open heart, you can not just rest your soul and charge yourself with Mother Nature, but you can also significantly supplement your cultural baggage. Because Baikal is the Oykuman of many ancient tribes and peoples, in thousands of years these places have been abandoned by history, myths and secrets. Many of these legends were embedded in man-made exponents, carefully assembled in numerous museums. The other wonders and beauty of the invisible Baikal open up in the eyes of the tortured travelers right under the open sky. In a study of Buryatia ' s own culture, it may seem that the world is turning around Baikal.

In a study of Buryatia ' s own culture, it may seem that the world is turning around Baikal.


The natural virtues of Baikal are the foundation of his foundation, a magnet that brings in a tiring human soul. The centre of the Baikal world, its sacramentary point is Olhon, the only local island on the lake. At the same time, not only the local population but the ancient spirits, but the two worlds have been successfully contacted by intermediaries, the Burundian chamanes. Olhon's dimensions are impressive - 70 by 15 km, so the landscapes are blending diversity, there will be dense forests and staps, hills and sand dunes, rocks and even their own lakes.

Mountains of Lima, the Shamanski (Burhan), Sagan-Hushun and Hoboy were particularly known in Olhone.

Not long ago, in 2006, a hunting cave was found in the western part of the lake, another important natural monument. It has not yet been fully studied, but five kilometres of underground trails already studied are common tourists and experienced spelologists.

The famous Thalai thermal sources (the second name is Munok sources) need no submission. They are located in the Ulkan settlement, near the Kireng River, in ecologically clean and amazingly beautiful places. But the recognition of Talay ' s sources did not bring beauty, but the purposeful properties of local waters, which were only thoroughly studied in the 1980s, but the locals had served centuries.

One of the most popular sights is the Small Sea, a separate Part of Baikal. Over time, the small sea, whose beauty is legends, has become a symbol of Baikal, a symbol of his natural beauty and uniqueness.

In the search for rest, inspiration and unsuitable photos, travellers come here.

One of our country ' s most important natural monuments, known as Baikal's worth, and just a beautiful place, the Ukow waterfall, recognized as one of the most powerful in Central Sayana. Falling from a height of more than 50 m and falling in a bottomless scalist valley, water flows will give new impressions to even species of tourists.

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