Турбаза в Карелии

Carel Turbasa

Carelia is the edge of the wild, just mystical, beautiful, clean rivers and lakes, noisy waterfalls, hinged rocks and infinite forests, all of which can be seen here in a perverted form. The history of Karelia is worth thousands of years, during which valuable cultural monuments have been created: mystical scalp images -- pethorlifs, safes on the Kuzov archipelago, as well as the Romanian villages of the Belomore Carelia. The Kaisy island of Valaam, Mount Votovara is only a very small part of this divine area known around the world.

All the rest bases, as well as the Carelia Turbase, are located in places of unusual beauty, because there are no others here. All these days of the year, they'll be able to find a shower class of extrimonial and sequencing fans: jumps with rocks, mountain rivers, kte and Windserfing, skiings and dogs, and fishermen, lots of mushrooms and berries, and quiet.

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