Environmental Tourism In Roses

Environmental tourism (ecotourism) - travel to visit places with relatively untouched anthropogenic effects of natural territories.

It is called upon to communicate with nature and promote tourist interest in environmental activities. Environmental tourism programmes include visits to national and other parks, reserves, clean places, etc. Seminars on the environment, public meetings and other events are held during such rounds.

According to Peter Shacklford, a regional representative of WTO in Europe, the term " ecotourism " has been used in the tourism industry for more than 10 years, but different content is included. In one case, ecotourism is travel undertaken in untouched human civilization, ecologically clean corners of nature to maintain ecological balance in nature. In another, the term " ecotourism " is regarded as the label of the proposed sales of tour products.

Travel within the framework of the environmental tour is quite diverse, ranging from small educational to regular tourism programmes in the national parks of the Study to the need to enjoy the natural environment has shown the main motive for participation in environmental tours.

Environmental tourism in Russia

Number of environmental fans to Russia grows every year. This type of tourism returns power and energy to urban-written people while communicating and monitoring nature. It also stimulates the preservation of the environment by making this type of tourism beneficial to the local population.

The UNESCO World Heritage List includes five Russian natural sites: the Mosque Forest of Komi, Lake Baikal, Vulcans of Kamchatka, the Golden Altai Mountains, Western Caucasus. In these regions, ecotourism can help to protect nature, increase employment and socio-economic development. In addition, in Russia, there are many others attractive to ecotourism in the corners. Given the popularity and prospects of ecotourism around the world, we will pay the highest attention.

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