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Extreme Leisure In Roses

Active rest in Russia is a great way to meet the great beauty and greatness of our nature. Marshruts and tour species are striking their diversity: end tours in Adygea and safari on the Baikal ice cream, alloys of the Rivers and lifts to the Caucasus peaks, surfing at the Cambodian coasts and diving in the flooded caves of Ural.

Out of exotic recreational activities, it is worth trying to snooze from the volcanic slopes of Camchatka or mountain skies with a helicopter on the top. At the same time, the polar circles will be fascinated during a polar day or a tuna going north. In the northern regions of the Russian Federation, it is imperative to try to travel in dog or reindeer ties and to sleep in traditional housing.

Active rest in Russia in the summer is, above all, alloys. For alloys in Russia, it's better to choose mountain rivers - unforgettable emotions and fascinating landscapes are guaranteed! The Ural regions include alloys in the Baskiria and Perm region. There are not many thresholds, many don't even have a category of complexity, but it's the perfect option for family rest. The molasses on Len's river are chosen to look at the miracle of the Siberian nature - the Lena Poles. Alloys on the rivers of Altai will be suitable for the lovers of extreme recreation.

Favorites will enjoy rest in Crimea and the Caucasus. There are a large number of tourist trails in these places, many of which were founded in the time of the Russian Federation. Also, the hikes are popular in the outskirts of Baikal, Sayanah and Alta.

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