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Internal Tourism

The number of tourists travelling in Russia increased by 18 per cent in 2015, compared with 2014, by Rosturism Oleg Safonov, the leader of the Gazettes.Ru, during his presentation to the Guyana Forum.

" In 2015, Russia laid down a fracture in favour of the development of domestic and entry tourism. In our assessment, some 50 million people travelled in our country in 2015, 18 per cent higher than 2014, he said.

The Safons noted that the share of tourism in Russia ' s GDP currently stands at 1.5 per cent, while in developed countries it is 10 per cent.

" Objectives in Russian GDP can grow once. He has every chance of becoming a high-income sector of our country ' s economy " , emphasized the Safons.

In his view, tourism was an important source of employment and a catalyst for economic development for all regions of Russia. " Domestic tourism is essential to the development of employment and small and medium-sized businesses " , added.

Previously on "Arrow"... Minister of Culture, Vladimir Medovsky, said that the reorientation of turpots to domestic areas would increase GDP by 700 billion roubles.

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