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In Spain and Italy, a number of actions have been taken to return tourists from Russia. As the Guardian notes, the sharp fall in the number of Russians arriving in the summer has seriously disturbed the authorities of those countries

The local authorities in Spain and Italy have begun to take steps to return tourists from Russia. For example, the Spanish Autonomous Community of Andalusia has planned some 20 activities that can demarcate the region in Russia, writing The Guardian.

In the Red Square, a presentation by the famous Andalus Royal High School, which has never been to Russia before, is planned. A group of 13 horses is expected to attend the event. In addition, the Andalusia authorities are going to hold several fairs on tourism, cooking and healthy lifestyles.

" We know that it is difficult now, but we have noticed slight improvements, and since Andalusia has some advantages, we want to use them fully " , the Minister for Tourism of the region, Francisco Javier Fernández, said. As noted by the Guardian, despite the overall decline in Russian Federation The turpot is 38%, the number of roses in Andalusia is starting to grow again.

In Italy, in turn, the number of travellers from Russia fell by 31 per cent in the first quarter of the year, as confirmed by Rosstat and the Italian National Tourism Council. In the Council, this was linked to the decline in the purchasing power of the middle class in Russia and the deterioration of the country ' s relations with the EU in relation to the crisis in Ukraine. These reasons led to a 50 per cent decline in travel to Italy through Russian tour operators during the summer compared with the same period last year.

In order to attract Russian tourists, the Italian Embassy in Moscow launched a Russian-language site, Your Italy, in April. On this page, tourists talk about interesting places in the country and how quickly they get a visa. Part of the website is dedicated to the exhibition of EXPO 2015 in Milan. The portal contains information on cheap air tickets and other discounts.

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