курсовая работа горнолыжный

Mountain Tourism

is a variety of mountain tourism, skiing down from the mountains on natural snow slopes or specially prepared tracks. The difference between mining and mining is that the downing time is not fixed.

Slopes are important for such tourism. Such slopes range from several hundred metres to a few kilometres with a gradient to 25 degrees, and the snow layer thickness shall be at least 30 cm.

In order to learn how to get off the mountains, it is common to use sections of a track long to three hundred metres with a 10 degree gradient. Typical tourists and skillers are used to lower a track of 150 metres long, for saliva and up to three and a half kilometers, for speeding down, fifteen degrees gradient, or for frystyles.

Up to the initial, upper, skilled and tourist launch points shall be carried out by means of towing (booth) lifts or hinged canat roads. The skiing tourist is skis of mountains or tourists, usually with automatic attachments, which are fastened when the skier falls, boots for them, ski sticks, shorter than normal, but more solid, special ski suit and head cleaner, helmet or casca, glasses are protective. Mining tourism attracts not only athletes and mining tourists, but also a lot of winter recreationists in the mountains and ski vacations.

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