Natural Tourism

Business - It is a type of tourism that is oriented to visit the area at a certain time, linked to an event. An event should be understood to mean a combination of phenomena that are ambiguous, relevant to a given society or to mankind as a whole, to small groups or individuals. It may be a one-time non-repetitive phenomenon or periodical observed annually or at certain times.

Event tourism is mostly an individual type of recreation that is filled with a permanent atmosphere of holiday. People who travel on such a journey will undoubtedly experience many bright unforgettable moments that they will remember for life.

Specificity tourism the fact that it is being supplemented annually by new events tours that are routinely converted from random to regular.

All events can be divided into several categories that have been selected on the scale of the event. National and international developments are therefore highlighted. Also in the event tourism, there are a number of areas that are divided according to topics: film festivals, theatre shows, carnivals, fairs, folk shows, folk festivals, gastronomical festivals, sports events, music festivals, religious holidays, economic forums, etc.

If there is no history of the tourist site as a tradition, it will be made up specifically. For example, there are many thematic holidays in the city of Suzdal (Vladimir region), which bring together a large number of both Russian and foreign tourists. Already, the Gusi and the Ogurc Square have become celebrities in the village halls of the Museum. Visitors and the New Year ' s Summit, Christmas, Creation, Troica, the Arts Festival, Maslenica, the Good Week, the Babie summer International and other events are attracted.

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