Паломнический туризм

Palomanic Tourism In The North West

Orthodox Holy Places of Russia. Palomanic tours, churches, monuments and religious values of Russia.

Plumbing itself is a very logical thing: there's no need to come up with anything but to figure out what and where a man wants to go. Indeed, true pilgrimage is not just a trip to and from. Not only does the Palomanic not travel so much in the ordinary meaning of this word, he is present on a personal and necessary event only for him. The pilgrim needs to feel that all his thoughts and aspirations coincide with the forthcoming journey.

Practical points

As is well known, the level of accommodation in our country is very uneven, which has a direct impact on the choice of hotels for pilgrim tours in Russia. Most often they mean living in low-cost hotels. But sometimes it turns out there's no such thing in the county: there are either very expensive accommodation options, or nights in monasteries or in the private sector.

One of the most important practical points that must always be taken into account is the nutritional characteristics (observance of posts, environments and Fridays) and the organization of liturgy. Generally, the time of relocation is calculated to allow pilgrims to arrive at the place of the evening, to be able to keep the universe and sleep over. And in the morning, liturgy and departure. All programmes are designed in such a way that one or two obligatory lituries are for the journey.

Travel time

For a period of time, all Palestinian tours in Russia can be divided into one-day (mainly Podmoskovje), " weekends " and " trips " , mainly from 3 to 7 days. The maximum number of days on tour is generally not more than 12. Most often, it is either the heating route or pilgrimage to the remote regions of Russia, when the road takes a long time, for example, Ekaterinburgh, Tobolsk and Altai.

A good palumn route should be logical and complete. For example, if the pilgrim decided to visit holy places near Ekaterinburg or Tobolska, it makes sense to travel on an integrated journey covering all of Ural ' s main sanctities.

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