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Фото: Борис Кавашкин/ТАССIt is worth noting that in some parts of the suburb zone, money has already been taken to visit municipal beaches. But a fee of 150-200 roubles isn't requested for the entrance to the beach, but, for example, if you want to hide in the shadows, you'll settle under a wooden stationary wall, something like a big schelp. In some places, the money is collected by young people who represent the Beaches, and in return, they don't give any cheques, and they can't show the documents on which the fee is charged.

Well, the beaches in some places really leave much to wish for. Dumping isn't the only problem. The tourists who had rested in Anapa complained, for example, that the sea was floating with algae, which in the heat drained the unpleasant smell and made swimming uncomfortable.

In fact, the resort fee is proposed not only in the overseas regions. The Ministry of Northern Caucasus Affairs, for example, is promoting a project for the introduction of a tourist tax in the Kavminvod region, which is currently under public discussion. The exact amounts are not yet known, but previously the figures were 100-150 roubles per person, excluding children and beneficiaries.

It is worth noting that the recent meeting of the Government Coordination Council for the Development of Internal Tourism, chaired by Vice-Prime Olga Golodeck in Smolenska, discussed the idea of extending the resort fee not only to the Caucasus, but also to other tourist regions. In particular, Suzdal was corned. In doing so, the Kavminvod resorts may become a pilot site for the operation of this mechanism.Фото: depositphotos.com It may be possible that the collection could be introduced in 2017, the experts of the WP spoke. And only on Stavropol, the tourist tax will collect up to 600 million roubles a year.

The experts interviewed by the WP admit that the idea of collecting itself is not so bad. Environmental and other tourist taxes are collected from different countries. Flush fees are spread in Spain and they do not scare the rest. The main objective is to ensure that these funds are spent in a targeted manner.

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