титула Мисс Россия – 2016

Rossi Tourism News 2016

  • Russian tourists will now be more comfortable to receive assistance in unforeseen situations abroad.
  • The Russian budget carrier will compensate the passenger for the loss of baggage.
  • The representatives of the Turkish Turbine are making maximum efforts to restore demand from Russia.
  • Dmitri Medvedev supported the idea of creating tourist products targeting the elderly.
  • Moscow tourists Recreated in the Argaca natural park in Krasnoyar.
  • As of 1 September 2016, Aeroflot will provide the Internet on a new flight. Now the passengers will be able to use the Internet in time.
  • The rosaviation granted permission to Nordavia for flights from the new Moskov region air harbour.
  • Matroska ' s cat, which was celebrated throughout the country by eating 60,000 RUB at Vladivostok Airport, became the Taliban of the local Hadmiral Hokkei Club, and also received a monument in its honour.
  • The Alaska Airlines aircraft (Alaska Airlines) landed in Minnesota after one of the passengers had a nervous breakdown.
  • The Ministry of Internal Affairs has proposed to increase the size of the duty station for the issuance of new passports.
  • The authorities of the State in the Near East reported a decision to introduce a new tax for passengers travelling through Hamad International Airport.
  • A free wireless Internet will be available in public places in the central part of Azerbaijan ' s capital.
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