перспективные направления

Rossia Internal Tourism

Самые популярные направления внутреннего туризма в РоссииRecent data from the public opinion poll showed that Russia ' s most visited cities had become Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sochi with nearby resorts. However, more than one third of the Russians are not interested in domestic tourism at all.

The main tourist attraction Russians Moscow remains, with 55 per cent of the region ' s surveyed inhabitants responding positively to the question of whether they were in the capital. A total of 45 per cent of the respondents were resting in and around Sochi and 34 per cent of the respondents to St. Petersburg.

At the same time, St. Petersburg ranks first at the hands of the Russians, who answered the question in which place they want to be the most. The northern capital selected 15 per cent of the respondents, followed by Baikal.

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