Sporting Tourism

Promotion of the Territory through sport tourism
Sport, in addition to " classic " perceptions of the benefits and impact on a healthy lifestyle of society, has many " side-effects and opportunities. The first sport consists of emotion products (services). It doesn't matter if you buy a subscription to the Fitness Centre, a ticket to the stadium, a baseball with a club logo or a photograph of the athlete. All of this is primarily an emotional purchase. Sport is linked to positive emotions, as is the visit to the theater, museum or bar. In order to understand which means of sporting tourism can and should be promoted by any territory, it is necessary to answer the question of what sport tourism is and why.
From a formal perspective, " sports tourism " in Russia is a sport. But in the past few years the term " sporting tourism " has been actively linked to sporting events and sports facilities of interest to people, especially those who do not live in the region. In general, the news is purely Russian, because in the world it is perfectly normal that sports facilities (for a number of reasons) and sports events generate additional tourist flows to individual cities and even regions. It is difficult to say what impact (in figures) has on tourism flows to the region/urban football derby or the world ' s ChM finale on any type of sport (this is a separate study and is already in place), but it is clear that sporting events and sports infrastructure are part of tourist hides and routes in many cities and regions of the world, which means that they have an exact impact on the region ' s attendance. It is clear that one of the first (continuing) sports tourists is football fans to travel to other cities, which they support. But this group is not the largest. The region ' s greatest interest is the group of tourists loyal to a particular brand of sports events or organizations.
The impact of the team ' s sporting events and their infrastructure on increasing the flow of tourism is sufficient to bring some facts from world practice. The Barcelona Soccer Club Museum is the second to attend throughout Catalonia, 1,200,000 visitors per year, a hundred thousand fewer than the Picasso Museum, the Real Madrid T-shirt Club Museum is the fourth tour in Madrid, and about 1 million visitors per year to the club museum. The International Federation of Marathon Running has been hosting over 20 major marathons around the world with a co-branding strategy for the advancement of cities. On average, big marathons. ♪ ♪

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