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Trends In Tourism

II The International Scientific and Practical Conference on " Young tourism in Russia: resources, trends, prospects " was held in St. Petersburg from 20 to 22 April, with the support of the SPC ' s Gorod Touring and Information Office of the St. Petersburg Tourism Development Committee.

The International Forum on " Young people in tourism " is a scientific, educational and creative space for students, masters and postgraduates, in which future professionals are given the opportunity to present their scientific ideas for discussion and publication, to demonstrate their creativity, and to meet the culture and values of Saint Petersburg.

The event is organized by the traditional Russian State Pedagogical University of A.I. Gerzen, with the support of the St. Petersburg State Treasury, the Global Tourism Information Bureau and the North-West Regional Office of the Russian Union for the Tourism Industry.

The Forum ' s programme was divided into three phases: " Creative Day " , " Science Day " and " Success Day " . On 20 April, a separate competition was held by Golia TurSt, representing its creative and professional opportunities in tourism, presenting EventProf-2016 and Open Russia ' s favourite projects. Forum participants also had to decide the boxes from potential employers, so future professionals could see the St. Petersburg business community, where they had to work after graduation. On the same day, craftsmen from tourism and hospitality professionals passed.

The second day of the Conference was devoted to presentations by speakers. The representatives of the Grand Novgorod, Kirova, Irkutska, Saratova, Moscow, Ulaan Ude, Tweri and St. Petersburg made presentations on the challenges and prospects of tourism development. The conference addressed topics such as tourism development in small historical cities, the Territory ' s branding, the development of youth tourism and the patriotic education of young people.

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